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Corporate Governance

We are committed to the highest standards of governance.

Our Board of Directors work to ensure the integrity and ethical behaviour throughout the organization and work to create value for our shareholders.

Committee Members

Director name
Audit Committee
Compensation committee
Jakob Ripshtein
Matthew Shalhoub
Shawn Dym
Nathan Todd

Board of Directors

Tried and trusted leadership for a dynamic industry.

Meet our board of seasoned cannabis industry experts that collectively offer industry-leading financial, branding, marketing, distribution and sales expertise.

Shawn Dym

Executive Chairman

For the past seven years, Shawn has been an active investor in the cannabis industry, including co-founding Green Acre Capital, a cannabis-focused private investment fund. An early investor for Aphria Inc., he served as a member of its board of directors. Shawn is a graduate of York University and has an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Robert Ritchot

President of North American Accessories

Robert is the President of North American Accessories for Humble & Fume Inc. and the Founder of BOBHQ. Since 1998, he has steadily built a leading global cannabis wholesale and distribution business, offering tens of thousands of smoking and lifestyle products to thousands of retail stores worldwide. Robert brings proven expertise in regulatory compliance, government relations, retail and franchise management and strategic leadership to our diverse team.

Nathan Todd

Windship Trading President

As President of the U.S. Operations of Windship Trading LLC and co-founder of Humble & Fume Inc., Nathan boasts over two decades of cannabis industry executive leadership experience, including founding Cali Crusher LLC and acting as Chairperson of Spread Your Wings LLC, the parent company of GreenBirdy Payment Solutions. He excels at team building, organizational leadership and new business and product development and is a summa cum laude MA graduate of the University of Texas.

Matthew Shalhoub

Director & Compensation Committee Chair

Co-founder and Managing Partner with Green Acre Capital, Mathew serves on Greentank Technologies and TREC Brands boards. He previously served on the boards of Tokyo Smoke, Ample Organics and Friendly Stranger Holdings Corp. Mathew has an HBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business.

Jakob Ripshtein

Board Member & Audit Committee Chair

Jacob is CEO of Perennial Brands Inc, a whole life-cycle brand strategy organization. Past president of Diageo Canada and CFO of Diageo North America, he has worked in finance, sales and strategy in various global companies.

Executive Leadership

Meet our team of seasoned cannabis industry experts and innovators.

Combining pioneering cannabis production, sales and distribution expertise with advanced industry thought leadership, our executive team reflects the very best our industry has to offer.

Joel Toguri

Chief Executive Officer

Joel is the Chief Executive Officer for Humble & Fume Inc. Joel brings significant leadership experience and a proven track record of delivering superior execution and sales growth in the cannabis industry. Joel’s previous roles demonstrates his extensive experience in a regulated industry; Chief Revenue Officer of Supreme Cannabis and leading sales at Aphria, now Tilray. He also served as Vice President of Sales and Operations at Southern Glazer’s of Canada, where he was its first employee and responsible for establishing the company’s footprint across Canada and leading a national sales team of more than 90 people. In three years under his direction, the company became one of the leading wine and spirits agents and brokers in Canada.

Graham Meneray

CFO & Corporate Secretary

Graham has over 15 years of financial and business experience with RBC Capital Markets and Deloitte. He oversees Humble & Fume Inc.’s accounting, corporate development, capital markets, business support, financial planning and treasury functions. Graham is a graduate of Queen’s University and holds an M.Sc from the University of London.

Jared Yeager

Humble & Fume Inc. Chief Operating Officer

Jared has over 10 years of accounting operations, systems implementation and supply chain management experience. He is a graduate of Texas State University with a postgraduate degree in Supply Chain from Michigan State.

Talaal Rshaidat

Fume Labs Chief Scientific Officer

With over ten years of experience, Talaal is an extract industry pioneer. Previously, he served as a financial analyst at Mettrum and Chief Science Officer at Liberty Health’s 360 innovation center. He holds a B.Sc in Chemistry and Economics, and an MBA from the University of Dalhousie.

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